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A Conscious Living Blog

Welcome to my slice of the internet, and the musings of my zero-waste, minimalist, vegan journey.

I believe conscious living moves us forward in personal evolution and helps us achieve the best life possible.

Though everyone’s journey is unique, I hope to inform, inspire, and improve the lives of others by sharing my own lifestyle transformation.

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Go Green, Go Clean, Save Money!

💸35 Things I don’t buy anymore: Toilet paper Paper towels Paper napkins Kleenex tissues Paper/plastic plates Paper/plastic cups Plastic...

Minimalist Newborn Baby Essentials

I throw a lot of words around to label my conscious living values. Words like zero-waste, minimalist, eco-friendly, sustainable,...

DIY All Purpose Cleaner

Are you ready for the cheapest, easiest cleaning solution for almost every surface in your home? You only need 2 ingredients: white...

10 Steps To A More Conscious Kitchen

The kitchen is likely the most used room in my home. So naturally it was the first place I started to develop my conscious living style....

10 Tips For An Easier Pregnancy

These are tips I came up with based on my personal experience during pregnancy. They may or may not work for you. But I believe in...

My Eco-Conscious Baby Shower

Let’s start at the beginning: Invitations An economical and eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper invitations sent via snail...

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